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Research suggests that the crucial window for development of a baby’s immune system is from birth to four months. During this time research suggests the microbiome plays a significant role in setting up the baby’s immune system to help protection against a variety of diseases, like asthma, allergies, diabetes, obesity and eczema and that this can have a lifelong impact.

There are a number of things that research suggests you can do to manage the microbiome of your baby. Watch this short video for some clues.

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Breast Feeding and The Hot Topic Of Immunity

Is there a hotter topic than immunity in these Covid-19 times? As the global scientific community focuses on developing vaccines that confer immunity, we’ve become familiar with the concept of a compromised or ‘weakened’ immune systems.

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The skin your baby’s in

Eczema, also known as Atopic Dermatitis (AD) has been on the rise in industrialised countries over the last few decades, such that now 20% of babies will have Eczema by the time they reach six months.

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The introduction to solid foods and gut microbiota stability

The first 1-3 years of life is an important period for the development of our gut microbiota. During this critical time, gut microbiota development progresses from it being a relatively simple microbial community that is less rich and diverse, to a one that is high in richness and diversity.

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Watch our short videos

Information about the microbiome and why it is important in babies. For the full expert interviews, head to 'meet the experts' in 'the science' menu at the top of this page.

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baby with dr steven leach

Dr Leach explains where a baby gets their microbiome from.

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baby with dr steven leach

Steven explains the important role of breastfeeding and diet on the microbiome of a baby.

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baby with dr steven leach

Dr Leach explains his work looking at the benefits of prebiotics in premature babies.

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