Important information about gut health and microbiome science from our experts, and stories of hope from our friends.

An Introduction to Mothers Babies

MothersBabies empowers mothers-to-be to transform their health and the health of their child through education and knowledge solutions that improve gut health.

Kathy Lette speaks with MothersBabies CEO, Catherine Oates Smith

Empowering Mothers-to-be, Kathy Lette speaks with MothersBabies CEO, Catherine Oates Smith. This short by insightful chat helps you understand the events. that compelled Catherine to start MothersBabies, the amazing scientific frontier that is the microbiome and how the greatest gift a woman can give her child is an immune system that fights disease.

Let’s Talk About the ‘P’ Word.

There are trillions of bugs (helpful microbes like good bacteria) inside us that convert what we eat. Your poo provides an insight into what is happening inside you and provides clues on how to improve your health. It’s called your microbiome. You’re going to be hearing that word a lot from now on because gut health will be one of the most important issues facing us this century.