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What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to optimise the future health of humanity by empowering mothers-to-be to transform their health pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and at birth so that their health and the health of their babies is optimised for life. In so doing promote the prevention and the control of disease in human beings.

Our Vision

Our vision is for women to have the resources and evidence based knowledge to enable them to give birth to babies whose health is optimised for life. In so doing prevent or control diseases that their babies could otherwise experience throughout their lives.

Our Goal

Our goal is to increase awareness and knowledge for all mothers. Investing fundraising dollars into science based research studies. To create and maintain a Board made up of Professors, Scientists, Microbiologists and a dedicated team of contributors.

The Empowering Mothers To Be Project

MothersBabies is seeking support for its ‘Empowering Mothers-to-be Campaign’ to progress its mission to empower mothers-to-be with evidence-based science to transform their health pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and at birth so that their health, and the health of their babies, is optimised for life. In so doing, the campaign will significantly contribute to disease prevention and in turn reduce the burden on our community and healthcare system.

The emerging science about the microbiome – or gut health, is showing that the microbiome and its interaction with both our DNA and our environment, plays a crucial role in the creation of health or disease in humans.

MothersBabies is currently engaged in two major initiatives:

1. Conducting the Empowering Mothers-to-be Campaign
2. Raising funds for the MothersBabies Study – this study will examine the link between the state of the microbiome that a baby acquires from its mother and the potential for diseases to arise.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a donor and help mothers and families give the most precious gift to their babies and children – an immune system that can fight disease because of optimal gut health. Contact us for more information and to be involved.

Our Partners

The MothersBabies Study is a collaborative effort
drawing on the combined capabilities and research strengths of some incredible partners