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Mums transfer their gut health to their baby
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Baby's gut health helps program their immune system - for life!
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We're all about evidence-based science of gut health
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At MothersBabies, we provide free evidence-based information and expert videos. We also provide paid premium information with medically qualified experts. These modules have been created to target information specifically for you.

Whatever stage you are at on the journey from ‘fertility’ to ‘maybe-a-baby’.

Read our free evidence-backed articles as they apply to your journey from fertility to 'maybe-a-baby'

1. I want the power to decide

‘I decide I have the power to decide and that I want to learn more about making powerful decisions on the journey from “fertility’ to ” maybe-a-baby’

2. I am curious about my fertility

‘I’m pretty sure I want to have a baby one day, not right now or even soon, but right now I’d like to understand my fertility’

3. I’m interested in my gut health

‘I decide to learn about the importance of my gut health and my microbiome on the fertility journey to ‘maybe-a-baby’

4. I am planning on having a baby

‘I decide to actively prepare for pregnancy and to adjust my preconception diet’

5. I want a powerful pregnancy

‘I acknowledge my power in my pregnancy’

6. I’m thinking about my birth plan

‘I would like to understand how my birth decisions impact my health, and the health of my baby’

7. My newborn and breastfeeding

‘I decide to understand the newborn phase, and the importance of breast milk for my baby’s developing immune system’

8. Introducing solids

‘I decide to understand the impact on gut health of the introduction of solids to my baby’

9. Looking after me

This module is for all the new (and not-so-new!) parents out there who might be feeling a bit worn out, run-down and like they give all their energy to their newborn child.

10. Looking after our family

‘I choose a healthy environment for myself, my baby and our family’

We want you to have super-healthy kids who are vital, vibrant and with a rockstar microbiome that will help them to fight disease and stay healthy for life.

How we can we help you today?

We believe there is nothing more important than giving your baby the best chance of healthy life. Improve your health and that of your child, build immunity and combat disease, and enjoy positive mental health throughout your life. Read More

We work with experts in their field to stay up to date with advances in microbiome and gut health and scour the globe for the latest published research. Read More.

MothersBabies co-founders Catherine Oates Smith and Alan Liddle, are driven by purpose and passion. Theirs is a quest to transform the health of mothers through all stages of their pregnancy and in doing so, create healthier babies. Read More

MothersBabies is at the forefront to a growing movement; women who understand the critical importance of gut health and want to give their children an immune system that can fight disease. Find out how you can play your part. Read More.

We’re empowering Mothers-to-be!

At MothersBabies we’re passionate about communicating compelling, evidence-based research into the critical role that the microbiome plays in baby-making.

By distilling mother-baby microbiome research that uncovers the pre-conditions to good health, we hope to inspire you to take action where you can, in consultation with your health practitioner. And where matters are out of your hands we share research with promising modes of address.

The emerging science is evolving at a rapid rate and we look forward to you dropping by for regular updates. Here’s to your health, your baby’s and that of future generations.

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The incredible importance of your Microbiome

Your microbiome is made up of all the microorganisms that live inside and on you. There is much research being done all around the world to look at what the human microbiome impacts, and what factors affect it. Research to date suggests the microbiome can have a significant impact on the reproductive system, affecting the pregnancy journey from pre-pregnancy all the way through to birth.

The good news is that, unlike our DNA, we have the power to change our microbiome to optimise our health, and that of our baby, pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and at birth. There is also significant research that suggests the microbiome of a baby, in particular from birth to 4 months old, can have a major impact on the development of the baby’s immune system.

Factors such as diet, exposure to chemicals, antibiotics, mode of delivery and breastfeeding can have a significant impact on the development of a baby’s immune system. The way a baby’s immune system develops can affect that baby’s lifelong ability to fight against disease. Watch this short video to learn more about the importance of your microbiome.

We see the first 1,000 days as a wonderful window of opportunity to give your baby the best start in life.

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We believe that having a baby is the most exciting thing you will ever do

We are here to get you started by giving you support, information and connecting you with experts to make sure you get gut healthy and give your baby the best possible health for life.

The future of your health starts in the gut. Emerging evidence reveals that the gut plays a crucial role in many common and serious health conditions. There is an inextricable link between the diversity and balance of our gut bacteria and our susceptibility to disease.

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Mums transfer their gut health to their baby

This is your time and we’re here to empower you with the knowledge to make great decisions for you and your baby.

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