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We’re seeking to create proven therapies to reduce common, potentially avoidable, complications and diseases for pregnant women and their babies. Sadly, we can’t do this without raising the vital funds required for the research. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated!.

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We’re raising funds for vital awareness and research in the area of gut health and it’s connection to pre-pregnancy and pregnancy, health and disease in mothers and babies

About MothersBabies

If you are a mother who has had a sick child, you know it takes a village to get everyone through. The personal experience of founders Catherine Oates Smith and Alan Liddle have breathed life into MothersBabies, a not-for-profit organisation established for the purpose of giving all our babies the best possible start in life. We want to empower mother’s to be with evidence based science to transform their health pre pregnancy – during pregnancy and at birth so that their health, and the health of their babies, is optimised for life.

Our mission

Our mission is to optimise the future health of humanity by empowering mothers-to-be to transform their health pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and at birth so that their health and the health of their babies is optimised for life. In so doing promote the prevention and the control of disease in human beings.

Our vision

Our vision is for women to have the resources and evidence based knowledge to enable them to give birth to babies whose health is optimised for life. In so doing prevent or control diseases that their babies could otherwise experience throughout their lives.

Our goal

Our goals is to increase awareness and knowledge for all mothers. Investing fundraising dollars into science based research studies. To create and maintain a Board made up of Professors, Scientist, Microbiologist and others.

The Statistics

There is emerging evidence based medical data to show, that some common diseases and illnesses like asthma, autism, diabetes, obesity, allergies, cardiac, and autoimmune conditions are associated with the health of microbes in our gut. There are many scientists around the world currently studying this in great detail and with specific focus on many different diseases and stages of human life.


Asthma affects 1:9 Australians, totalling 2.5million 14 • ADHD – 7.8% diagnosed in 2003, 9.5% in 2007, 11% in 2011


From 2016 is on the increase at 8.6%, up from an average of 7%, (average gestational aged 33+3)


Anxiety now affects 1: 4 and Depression on average affects 1:7 adults.

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About the research

MothersBabies seeks to raise $5M specifically for the MothersBabies Study, which will take 5 years to complete and will commence in early 2019 at the Microbiome Research Centre, Sydney. Founded in 2017 by Prof Emad El-Omar, Professor of Medicine at UNSW Sydney – the Microbiome Research Centre, or the MRC, is nestled within the grounds of a major healthcare campus of the St George and Sutherland Hospitals in southern Sydney, and is part of the UNSW clinical research campus.

Articles & News

Keeping you connected with: personal stories from our communities and, the ‘Gut’ research, findings and discussions that are occurring in the world of science.

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Our Partners

The MothersBabies Study is a collaborative effort drawing on the combined capabilities and research strengths of some amazing partners