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The below videos are from a round table discussion held recently where experts in the field share important information about gut health and microbiome science.

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Learn about the microbiome and the important impact it has on the health of your baby.

(September 2021)

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part 2

As the round table continues, we hear about what you can do to make the biggest impact.

(September 2021)

Meet our expert panel

Leaders in gut health and microbiome science and ambassadors for MothersBabies

Dr Daniella Susic

Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Microbiome Researcher

Leah Hechtman

Clinician, Researcher, Author & Educator

Kristy McSweeny

Principle, PR Counsel & Sky News commentator

Dr Steven Leach

Paediatric Immunologist

Mathew Evans

Gourmet Farmer, Chef & Author

Brittany Darling

Accredited Nutritionist & Herbalist

Watch individual interviews with the experts

Dr Dani Susic – Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Microbiome Researcher

In this interview, Dr Susic talks about research in the microbiome field and what women can do to optimise the microbiome of their baby.


Dr Steven Leach – Paediatric Immunobiologist

Steven discusses how a newborn baby’s microbiome ‘teaches’ it’s immune system for lifetime protection against inflammation and disease. He also talks about the importance of things like breastfeeding to support your baby’s microbiome.


Leah Hechtman – Naturopath & Natural Fertility Expert

Leah speaks about what couples can do to optimise their microbiomes for fertility and baby health.


Matthew Evans – Farmer, Broadcaster & Food Commentator

Watch to hear Matthew speak about the importance of soil and bringing things back to basics to optimise your microbiome.


Brittany Darling – Nutritionist, Herbalist & Fertility Consultant

In this interview Brittany talks about the importance of diet and nutrition on the microbiome and what advice she gives her clients wanting to improve fertility.


The greatest gift you can give to your baby is an immune system that can fight disease. To find out more, read the research articles from the experts

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The way our babies are born affects their gut microbiome composition, their immune system development and their resistance to medicines, such as antibiotics, used to treat infections and diseases

Caesareans can be a life saving necessity in the birth of a baby. Current scientific research into the development of a baby’s gut microbiome suggests that the way a baby is born, i.e. vaginally or by caesarean, can have a significant effect on the early development of the baby’s gut microbiome.

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MothersBabies Articles
Breast Feeding and The Hot Topic Of Immunity

Is there a hotter topic than immunity in these Covid-19 times? As the global scientific community focuses on developing vaccines that confer immunity, we’ve become familiar with the concept of a compromised or ‘weakened’ immune systems.

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The introduction to solid foods and gut microbiota stability

The first 1-3 years of life is an important period for the development of our gut microbiota. During this critical time, gut microbiota development progresses from it being a relatively simple microbial community that is less rich and diverse, to a one that is high in richness and diversity.

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Diet and Microbiota

The human gastrointestinal tract is the home for trillions of bacteria that are continuously shaped by different factors and amongst these factors is the particular dietary habit followed.

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At MothersBabies, we commission and fund research and studies into the exciting new frontier of health and medicine – the gut microbiome.

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