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MothersBabies is the clarion voice for empowerment through knowledge for mothers-to-be, so they can transform their lives and the lives of their babies by radically improving their gut health.

Your donation will help directly fund the MothersBabies charity continue to communicate the latest research information that supports our belief that “the greatest gift you can give to your baby is an immune system that can fight disease”.

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MothersBabies a registered Australian charity raising funds to empower Mothers-to-be with evidence based science.

This is an important project that is harnessing the emerging science of gut bug health to create a safe, personalised and proven therapy to reduce common, potentially avoidable, complications and diseases for pregnant women and their babies. 

These include preeclampsia, diabetes, premature birth, asthma, eczema, autism and allergies. 

Studying and understanding how gut bug imbalances contribute to common diseases is a global scientific phenomenon and is changing the face of modern medicine. 

This therapy holds the potential to change the future health of mothers, babies and children in Australia and will be at the forefront of preventative medicine worldwide.

Sydney mothers, we need you! Participate in the MothersBabies Study

If we can determine how to prevent or treat disease from pre-pregnancy and into childhood, then we have the potential to positively change health outcomes for many future generations!

Researchers at the Microbiome Research Centre, University of New South Wales are looking to recruit women and their partners planning a pregnancy in the next 12 months for a fantastic new study investigating paired mother and baby microbiomes.

This study has Human Research Ethics Committee Approval through South Eastern Sydney Local Health District. The following reference number for any queries should be quoted: 2019/ETH00192. It is also registered with the Australian & New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry, #ACTRN12619000800123.

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If a broad definition of Philanthropy is the ‘love (from the Greek: philos) of humankind (anthropy),’ then MothersBabies raison d’être is borne on this very idea; That our work and the difference we aim to make directly reflects our love for humankind, even before its conception.

If you are beginning your philanthropic journey, or a seasoned supporter of social change through giving, then we hope you will view MothersBabies as a worthy organisation to support.

The passion with which we pursue our goals for humankind means that we work closely with our philanthropic partners to ensure your support has maximum change impact.

The future health of mothers and their babies is a complex issue; one that we lean into with positivity, honesty and authenticity. The truth is not always easy to hear, but you can trust it when it is supported with evidence-based science. And authenticity means we stand in our conviction that the future health of babies (and humanity) is at stake.

MothersBabies is the clarion voice for empowerment through knowledge for mothers-to-be, so they can transform their lives and the lives of their babies by radically improving their gut health.

And we can demonstrate this ‘love of humankind’ through your support: maximum change impact.

We are honoured to enjoy support from prestigious foundations and generous benefactors, and would love the opportunity to show you what we are doing, how we are doing it, why it’s an important societal problem, and why we are worthy of your patronage.

Please contact us for a confidential preliminary discussion, where we can walk you through our approach to working with our philanthropic partners and how your financial support can effect maximum change impact.

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We believe that having a baby is the most exciting thing you will ever do

The microbiome is the collective name for the thousands of bugs that live in all parts of our bodies – this research wants to know how these bugs can impact on the health of all people.

This study is observational, meaning that you don’t need to take anything to be a part of it, or make any changes to your lifestyle or diet. Women will donate poo samples, have a skin, oral and vaginal swab taken before falling pregnant, and then at set time points during their pregnancy and once their baby has been born. Once their baby is born, the baby will also have their poo collected, as well as a skin and oral swab at set time points during their first year of life. The woman’s partner can also take part too – at the first visit, the partner can also provide a poo sample and oral swab (if their partner is female, they also have the option of donating a vaginal swab).

The aim for this study is to learn about the changes in the human microbiome from pre-pregnancy, throughout a pregnancy, and then extending into their baby’s 1st birthday.