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My newborn and breastfeeding

‘I decide to understand the newborn phase, and the importance of breast milk for my baby’s developing immune system’

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The first few months of your baby’s life are incredibly important in terms of microbiome development and supporting your baby’s immune system. In Module seven our experts will help you understand the importance of this newborn phase and help you navigate through some of the decisions you will face during this time.
We will be discussing the wonders and potential struggles of breastfeeding, learning all about the exact ingredients in breastmilk that make it such a wonderful first food for your newborn baby their gut microbiome development and how this affects how their immune system develops. We will also touch on some of the science surrounding best support for premature baby’s and healthy microbiome development. Module seven also focuses on your own health as a new mother, with discussions surrounding the importance of your diet for the composition of your breastmilk, whether you should consider taking a probiotic during this time, and a bit of a deep dive into the latest evidence for one particular strain of probiotic, known as Bifidobacterium.

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This is a snippet from Module 7: ‘Breastfeeding and baby Immunity’ premium information available from MothersBabies.

Steven Leach Module 7 snippet

Hannah Dahlen Module 7 Snippet

This is a snippet from Module 7: ‘Breastfeeding and baby Immunity’ premium information available from MothersBabies.

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