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3 Common Problems Faced When Introducing Solids


Experiencing your child’s face light up when they discover a new world of flavours is a beautiful moment… But not every parent feels this way about introducing solids! In fact, for some, it can be an extremely challenging time!!

Here are 3 common complaints I hear from people trying to introduce solids.



You buy all the gear, cook up a storm in the kitchen (OK…maybe just mush up some pumpkin!) and present your beloved bub their *First Solids Ever*…only to have them scrunch up their nose gag, and spit it out… talk about disheartening! Just know, this is totally normal…and you are most definitely not alone! We talk about this more in Module 8, Introducing Solids and Baby Gut Health’, from our online course.



You’re super keen to introduce solids…someone from mother’s group told you that it would help your bub sleep through the night, so you’re champing at the bit and have all the stuff ready to go as soon as they show signs of interest in food…

Unfortunately though, there are a few other telltale signs you need to look out for before they’re truly ready to begin solids! Learn more from our clinical nutritionist, Brittany Darling, in Module 8 of our online course.



Food on the walls, in your hair, all over their clothes, up the curtains…basically anywhere but your baby’s stomach!! Many babies love to play with food more than actually eat it, and it can be an incredibly frustrating time for those prepping the foods! A reassuring reminder… ‘play’ is one version of exposure, so try and relax as much as you can about it…It may end up helping your baby develop a more sophisticated palate…i.e. Less picky eating!


Discover what the experts have to say about introducing solids and how this impacts your baby’s gut microbiome and health throughout their lives, purchase our online module 8 ‘Solids and Baby Gut Health’ for just $47. 


In this module, you will:

  • Gain access to our clinical nutritionist, Brittany Darling’s, top tips and tricks for introducing solids.
  • Discover how introducing solids influences your baby’s gut health.
  • Learn how to set up your child for a lifelong love of wholesome food and good health.
  • Gain an understanding on the current recommendations for prebiotic and probiotic supplements.

Your child will thank you for it! (OK…probably not until they have their own kids and realise how amazing you are…but they will!!)

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