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5 Easy Ways to Eat 30 Plant Foods This Week


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We know that people who eat 30 different plant foods every week have more diverse gut microbiomes, which is associated with better OVERALL health outcomes….

We also know that most people find this idea pretty overwhelming!

…for some people, the prospect of ever actually hitting 30 plant foods a week seems impossible!

But we are here to reduce the overwhelm and make it all feel a bit easier, so that you too can enjoy the benefits of a healthy gut microbiome.

Here are 5 easy tips to try this week…

1. Add a tin of mixed legumes, like ‘4 Bean Mix’ to your soups. (That’s +4 plant points, not to mention the veggies you’ve already included in your soup!).

2. Carry a container of mixed nuts and seeds in your handbag…Cashews, macadamias, almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds…They all offer their own unique vitamin/mineral profile. (An easy +7 plant points to add to your diet).

3. Get in the habit of adding a handful of mixed green leaves to your dinner plate…Rocket, spinach, butter lettuce…it all counts! (+3 plant points).

4. Cut up fruit and veg in advance to encourage snacking on these (rather than the sweet biscuits in your cupboard!). Things like watermelon, papaya, capsicum, carrots and cucumber need to be an easy ‘grab-and-go’ or you’ll probably never choose them over the more ‘convenient’ snack. (+5 plant points).

5. Make yourself a breakfast smoothie with mixed berries, spinach, zucchini, almond butter, avocado and chia seeds…(Limitless combinations = limitless plant point additions…an easy +6!).

This short list alone gets you to approximately 25 plant points…add in your regular veg side and fruit snacks and you’ll be cruising into the region of 30 plant points without breaking a sweat!

Let us know how you go!

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