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7 Easy Steps to a Healthy Gut


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  1. Focus on increasing your veg intake – Close to 100% of people in Australia don’t eat the recommended amount of vegetables each day…Yep…you read that right… So there’s a verrrry high chance you could do with more in your diet!
  2. Don’t Fear Fruit! – Yes, we know there is sugar in fruit….but there’s absolutely no reason to avoid whole fruits! In fact, it’s a very important part of a gut healthy diet!
  3. Eat More Legumes – If you can replace one or two meat meals a week with legumes (or even go half/half) you’re winning! Try lentils instead of mince in a bolognese, or chickpeas instead of chicken in a curry.
  4. Snack on nuts and seeds – Delicious, fibre-filled, healthy fat sources, nuts and seeds are often overlooked for their health benefits! Just one handful a day is an excellent addition to your diet.
  5. Grains are great! – Whole grains, as opposed to their ultra-processed cousins, are amazing for your gut health. Try barley, quinoa, spelt, rye or whole wheat in sourdoughs, soups or stews.
  6. Spice (and Herb) it Up! – Packed with polyphenols AND the ability to make everything to taste better, don’t overlook herbs and spices for their gut health benefits!
  7. Don’t Forget Ferments – Kombucha, kefir, kraut, kimchi…all the Ks! Try adding a small amount of these probiotic-rich foods and drinks every day to support your gut health.

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