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Are Your Gut and Your Brain BFFs?


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Have you heard your gut being called your ‘second brain’? Turns out, it’s not far off…In fact, your gut health has a significant impact on your brain health, and vice versa! 


Your brain and your gut are connected physically and chemically, communicating through various means including the nervous system, hormones and inflammation.


Crucial Early Years

Just in case you need another reason to look after you and your family’s gut health…

We know that we pass down some of our microbes to ‘seed’ our baby’s own gut microbiome, so ultimately we would get our own microbiome in optimal condition before giving birth (find out more about how to do this in module 4 ‘Pre-pregnancy Planning’ of our online course)…


In the first three years of their lives, communication between our baby’s brain and gut is programmed. Any disruption in their development can interrupt communication between their gut and brain, potentially leading to things like IBS, autism, ADHD, obesity and anxiety later in life. 


We discuss some of the main factors that can lead to this disruption between the brain and gut, plus offer some tips to help reduce this disruption, in our online course ‘Healthy Gut, Healthier Baby’, particularly in Module 9 ‘Mothercare’.


If you’d like more support following the birth of your baby check out our Post-Birth Bundle, here. Our post-birth bundle includes modules on introducing solids, family gut health, and mother care.


To ensure you’re as fully informed as you can be, Module 9 of our Premium Information may be helpful to you.


In this module, you’ll learn about the gut-brain connection and its impact on your mental health, practical tips for self care, as well as information about two of the other microbiomes you should be taking care of, in addition to your gut microbiome.


You’ll also gain the confidence of knowing you’re fully informed when it comes to your options.


Our Premium Information is affordable, accessible, and it’s backed by science. 

Learn more about Module 9, here

Or check out our Post-Birth Bundle, here.


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