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Does What You Eat in Pregnancy
Really Matter?


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You’ve probably heard it before… The well-meaning aunt telling you to “enjoy your pregnancy cos it’s the only time you can eat whatever you want…”… “You’re eating for two now…go on, have another”…

This idea comes straight from our extremely weight-centric society…where people feel a sudden ‘freedom’ to eat whatever they want when they’re pregnant because they’re ‘going to get fat anyway’…

As sad as this is, we’re not here to go into the nitty gritty on our materialistic obsession with weight…We want to focus on the idea that you can ‘eat anything you want’ while you’re pregnant (except for the obviously banned foods, like soft cheese and cold meats).

Does what you eat in pregnancy matter?

Can your diet during pregnancy impact the current AND future health of your baby?

…your chances of developing pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes?

…your labour?

To find out the answers, check out module 5 of our online course (which is currently free!!!). We discuss HOW what you eat can impact your baby, and WHAT to include in your diet to give your baby the best chance of a healthy start to life.



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