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When MothersBabies first began, it was our dream to share the science about the impact of the microbiome on fertility, pregnancy and baby health with as many people as possible… and we are absolutely thrilled that close to 800 of you have signed up to gain access to this game-changing course.

It has meant the world to us to read your reviews of our online course ‘Healthy Gut, Healthy Baby’ so we thought you might like to read some of them too…


“So real, powerful and empowering to listen to. Captured and kept my interest. Thank you so much!”

“I just love that this whole conversation is taking place. So long overdue!”

“It was interesting hearing about the microbiome for the first time”

“Loved the science behind the information and how it was delivered in a way that could be understood by your average person.”

“For women who are new to this space of empowering births and the gut microbiome role in health, this first module provides a great overview to begin thinking about the role you want to play in the outcome of your health and your baby’s.” (Module 1)

“I loved the practical tips given by the panel of experts on what I need to do pre and during pregnancy to give my future babies the best chance. Also was particularly mind blown by Matthew Evans outlining the difference between cooking 100 years ago and now. Very interesting”


We have decided to extend our free offer for November!

Our original plan was to give you guys one month free to see how many of you were keen, with one of our motivations being that we could then show potential donors/sponsors the level of interest in the community for our information.
… We never anticipated that close to 800 of you would sign up!

The thing is, SO MANY people are still signing up, that we want to be able to continue offering the course to you and your mates for free for as long as possible…

Unfortunately,  there’s one small glitch!

We do still have expenses…

Websites, course fees, writers, social media etc…it gets pretty costly, pretty quick…

And as much as we’d like to offer our course to you for free forever, it is not sustainable and we really value the hard work of our team at MothersBabies…


If you, our valued audience, are in the position to make a donation to MothersBabies, we would be eternally grateful.


Alternatively, if you happen to know anyone who may be interested in helping to get this information out there, please let us know! (You can just hit reply to this email!)

This will help us keep our charity afloat so that we can continue to deliver science-backed information to help you cut through the confusing pseudoscientific, wellness-babble that continues to take over our social media and inboxes…

Thank you thank you thank you!


Enter the code “SPRINGSPECIAL” when checking out and you will gain access to our entire course, normally valued at $376, for no charge!


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