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As the silly season gears up, so too does the societal pressure to catch up with all those people you haven’t seen this year, party hard at your work christmas do, and clink the champers to toast ‘Season’s Greetings’ at all those extended family functions…

So, how do you go about all this socialising if you’re trying to keep a very new pregnancy secret…Or if you’ve decided to stop drinking to optimise your gut microbiome in preparation for an upcoming IVF round that you’d rather not have to discuss with your Uncle’s sister-in-law’s mum?

Sadly the pressure to ‘drink’ is still rife… “Ohh go onnnn! One won’t hurt!”…. or “What? Are you PREGNANT or something?!” when you turn down a drool-worthy Christmas cocktail… For whatever reason, people lose all subtlety when pressuring people to join them for a drink, and sometimes, unless you can offer a solid reason not to drink, you can cop some pretty judgy looks…

Here are some ideas to empower you to stick to your ‘no drinking’ guns…

The Truth or ‘Almost’ Truth
When someone starts heaping on the pressure to join in on the drinking, a simple “We’re trying for a baby” usually shuts them up… This comeback can even be used if you’ve already tested positive but don’t feel comfortable sharing the news with everyone just yet… 

Designated Driver Responsibilities
Tell people it’s your turn to drive so you’ll have to stick to the waters…

The Disguised Drink
Get your soda and lime in the same glass as you would if it had vodka in it… Or take advantage of the multitude of alc-free wines and beers on offer these days… Ask for a glass with your ‘Heaps Normal’ beer, and no-one will blink an eye and you can keep your secret.

Medication + Booze = No fun
Tell people you’re on antibiotics, or even the more vague ‘medication’, and that booze mixed with this medication would not be a fun time for anyone in the room…

The Fake Hangover
Fake a hangover from an imaginary office/family/friendmas party the night before and say you couldn’t think of anything worse than another alcoholic beverage… If you are indeed in the early stages of a pregnancy, chances are high that you’ll feel like you’ve got a perpetual hangover with the morning sickness anyway, so it’s only kind of bending the truth….😉

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