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Is Your Gut Microbiome Affecting Your Brain?


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In short, yes, your gut microbiome is affecting your brain…

Just like you; texting, calling, tagging, emailing and organising hangs IRL with your best mate; your gut and brain like to communicate…and they do so constantly.

Most of us intuitively know that our gut and brain are linked, but have not quite realised how much of an influence our gut microbiome could be having over our brains….thoughts, feelings, focus…they’re all impacted…

But how?

The brain and gut are connected both physically and chemically, and, just like you and your BFF, they use a bunch of different communication methods to get their messages to each other, involving the nervous system, hormones and inflammation.

Something called the vagus nerve also plays a huge role in this communication and sends bidirectional messages back and forth between the gut and the brain… This also means that the way you feel can affect the health of your gut microbiome (e.g. Many of us know what an anxious brain can do to our digestion 😏). 

Basically, it’s one big feedback loop, demonstrating why and how we need to consider ALL factors of our health… mental, physical and microbial! 

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