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Breastfeeding is hard.

Not enough people talk about how hard it can be.

Sure, some people seem to be able to whip out a boob, stick it in their baby’s mouth and be on their merry way…There’s even some pretty incredible photos of yoga mums breastfeeding whilst doing the standing splits pose…but this is not reality for the majority of us. For most women, breastfeeding will look more like long days stuck under a baby on the couch, milk-stained clothes, sore nipples, trying out all the different breastfeeding ‘holds’, and worrying about whether there’s too much, or too little, milk…

We’re often told ‘breast is best’, but the reasons behind this are not always made clear!

If you’re currently sitting on the fence about breastfeeding, or you’re planning on having a baby soon, you might find the information in our online course about breastfeeding and the microbiome useful…

Knowledge is power, and being equipped with this scientific information can help empower you to make a choice that will help you, and your baby, thrive.

In Module 7 of our online course we analyse exactly what’s so amazing about breastmilk…

In this module you will learn exactly what breastmilk can do for your bub, how it impacts their gut microbiome composition, what breastmilk does for your baby’s immune system, and all about something called Human Milk Oligosaccharides.

We share this information to help you feel empowered in your decisions surrounding breastfeeding.  We know that breastfeeding isn’t possible for every parent and it is important to recognise that breastfeeding is just one of many variables along the twisted path of parenthood, and is certainly not the be-all and end-all to your baby’s health!

If, however, breastfeeding is possible for you, rest assured that your efforts are not going unrewarded, even if it does feel like it sometimes! And, in those 3am feeds, when it can feel so quiet and lonely, know that your milk is providing your baby billions of microbial friends that will help support and nurture your bub for the rest of their lives. What a gift!
If you’d like to learn more about breastfeeding, why we love breastmilk, and what you can do to support your baby’s microbiome if you can’t breastfeed, sign up to our online course ‘Healthy Gut, Healthier Baby’, which is currently free! 

Simply enter the code ‘HEALTHYBUB’ when you check out, and you will gain free access to the entire ten modules, normally priced at $376!

The information in this newsletter is provided for general educational purposes only.

Statements or opinions expressed in the newsletter should not be taken as fact, but as opinion on the current state of evidence based science. The content is not (and should not be taken to be) medical advice or an endorsement or recommendation of any specific product or treatment. 

If you require medical attention please seek professional advice from an appropriately experienced health practitioner.


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