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Male Infertility: It Takes Two!


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If you and your partner manage to get pregnant without intervention, your partner might get a pat on the shoulder and a ‘Good job, mate’.
But, if you’ve been trying for while with no luck, all eyes often fall on you:
“You need to relax more, then it’ll happen.”
”Have you tried putting your legs up against the wall after sex?”
“Go buy one of those ovulation kits, so you know what’s going on”

The advice is endless, and it’s almost never directed at the male in the relationship.
This is outdated behaviour and an increased awareness of the role that males play in fertility is essential. 

It is estimated that up to half the cases of infertility are due to male factors.
One innovative area of science is looking into the impact of the semen microbiome on fertility, with some promising results!

In this newsletter, you can:
  • Read an article by nutritionist Clare Carrick discussing the influence of the community of bacteria in semen on semen quality and fertility.
  • Read a summary of research written by Dr Fathalla Ali, discussing the microbiome before pregnancy and its impact on successful conception. 
  • Watch a snippet of our discussion with Natural Fertility Expert Leah Hechtman, where she explains why following a traditional diet may be the key to better fertility outcomes.

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