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We’re kind of made to think it’ll all ‘just happen’…

…That the minute we decide to get pregnant our body will just ‘click into gear’ and know exactly what to do…

Our typical school sex ed doesn’t help either…With so much focus on how NOT to have a baby, and not all that much attention paid to how to actually get your body into the best condition to do one of the most intense things it will ever do…grow a baby! 

Your Microbes Fuel Your Fertility 
We are passionate about empowering you with knowledge that can help your ride from ‘maybe’ to ‘baby’ as smooth as possible. That’s why we want to share the science showing just how important the trillions of microbes you are hosting in and on your body are in your quest to get pregnant.

Not Just the Gut
Although the gut microbiome certainly plays a role in supporting your fertility, there are other microbiomes to consider too… The vagina, uterus, semen, amniotic fluid and placenta all host their own unique set of ‘bugs’, all of which play their own role in us getting pregnant.

Diet and Lifestyle Matters
Contrary to the popular narrative suggesting that there’s ‘not a lot’ you can do to support your fertility, the science supports the idea that there are MANY different components that you can pay attention to if you’d like to give yourself the best chance at getting pregnant.


What’s the best diet to help support fertility and a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby?

Can diet help with IVF success?

Why is your gut health so important to your fertility outcomes?

Is it all up to you, or can your partner do things to help improve your chances of pregnancy too?



We recognise that our health system is set up to deal with problems only once they arise, but we want to do better…that’s why we’re here to help you empower yourself with the latest scientific learnings, to help you prepare for a healthy and successful fertility journey and a thrivingly healthy bub to boot!

Our pre-pregnancy bundle, which includes 3 information-packed modules, is designed to empower and prepare you in the lead up to having a baby, so that you too can enjoy an easy, healthy pregnancy, without having to wade through mountains of fad-driven woo-woo! 

In this bundle, you will gain access to:
Module 2 – Fertility Curiosity
Learn about fertility and genetic testing you have access to, fertility decline, and how to best nurture your body for your future pregnancy.Module 3 – Gut Health for Future Generations
Learn about the importance of your gut microbiome in fertility, pregnancy, and for future bub’s health.Module 4 – Pre-Pregnancy Planning
Learn to actively prepare for a healthy pregnancy and make appropriate diet and lifestyle adjustments.

Each of these modules can also be purchased separately.

The information in this newsletter is provided for general educational purposes only.

Statements or opinions expressed in the newsletter should not be taken as fact, but as opinion on the current state of evidence based science. The content is not (and should not be taken to be) medical advice or an endorsement or recommendation of any specific product or treatment. 

If you require medical attention please seek professional advice from an appropriately experienced health practitioner.


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