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We can’t tell you enough about how important your microbiome (gut health) is to your overall health and our specific focus is on your reproductive health. A healthy gut has been scientifically proven to improve your fertility, improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy and boost the immunity of your newborn baby. 

The great news is that just by eating the right foods is a key factor to improving gut health in the majority of people. Which makes sense really, because a balanced gut environment will promote growth of the good bugs and the more happy, good bugs in your system, the more work they can do keep everything working efficiently.

We mention the Mediterranean Diet often (here is a link to our version by Nutritionist Brittany Darling) because it has been scientifically proven to have a beneficial impact on your microbiome. Think oily fish, olive oil, legumes and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit – and VARIETY is key.  A study by the ‘American gut Project’ (summarised below) showed that people who ate 30 or more plant based foods a week had a more diverse and healthy microbiome than those who ate less than 10. Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean huge quantities – it just means lots of different types. So a generous sprinkle of parsley on your meal counts as one – you get the idea.

Keep track of how many you eat this week and see whether you can squeeze in some more! Your microbiome will thank you. 

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