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Fertility Starts with The Microbiome


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The microbiome controls everything in the fertility journey – from sperm health to the health of your pregnancy and all the way to the immune system of your baby. In this newsletter we share some powerful information from experts that will help anyone who is at the start of their fertility journey and thinking about –  or actively trying to – conceive. 

Something which is often misunderstood is the crucial role of the microbiome of the male. His seminal fluid contributes half of the initial microbiome environment so it makes sense that the health of his microbiome can play a significant role in whether implantation occurs. The vaginal microbiome obviously also plays a very important role so they key message here is that it takes two to tango!

Diet plays a key role in the health of your microbiome, as does other factors such as exposure to chemicals and antibiotics (which kill bacteria) and seeding of good bacteria from sources such as probiotic foods, supplements, furry pets and healthy soil. You can find a lot of information about your microbiome and how to optimise it on our website but in the meantime, read and listen to these resources that relate specifically to fertility. We feature Natural Fertility Expert Leah Hechtman whose website Natural Health Fertility  has additional useful resources. 

Don’t forget that we have a free pre-conception meal planner prepared by Nutritionist Brittany Darling of Wholefood Healing to make eating for your microbiome not only easy but tasty! 

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