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Healthy babies: Does mode of delivery matter?


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Mum Guilt. It’s so common, and it breaks our hearts to see new mothers feeling as if they’ve somehow ‘failed’ if they don’t deliver vaginally. Our belief is, if you have a happy, healthy baby in your arms at the end of the event, then you’ve done a great job – no matter what.

While there are certainly benefits to a vaginal delivery, the good news is that there is plenty of research being undertaken currently into the mode of delivery, and methods for boosting the microbiome of babies delivered via C-section.

This week’s newsletter examines how the mode of delivery can impact the microbiome development, and in some cases, disrupt the development of a healthy microbiome.

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Keywords: Bifidobacteria, Probiotics, immunity, pregnancy, mode of delivery diabetes, breastfeeding

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