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The Microbiome of You and Your Partner can affect both Fertility & Your Pregnancy

Research suggest that your pre-pregnancy microbiome (before you conceive) can have a significant impact on your chances of conception and also of a healthy, full term pregnancy. Some research suggests that the microbiomes of both parents-to-be play an important role in the pre-pregnancy stage of the reproductive cycle.

Factors such as diet, lifestyle, exposure to chemicals, antibiotics, prebiotics, probiotics and even exposure to furry pets can affect your microbiome. Watch this video for an overview of some of the factors that may impact your pre-pregnancy microbiome.

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Diet and Microbiota

The human gastrointestinal tract is the home for trillions of bacteria that are continuously shaped by different factors and amongst these factors is the particular dietary habit followed.

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Information about the importance of your microbiome pre pregnancy. For the full expert interviews, head to 'meet the experts' in 'the science' menu at the top of this page.

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pre-pregnancy with dr dani susic

Dani highlights the importance of planning your microbiome as early as you can.

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pre-pregnancy with leah hechtman

Leah explains the first steps in making changes to your microbiome.

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pre-pregnancy with leah hechtman

Leah explains the timing of optimising your microbiome for fertility.

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