The persistent gut microbiota in infancy and it’s origin

Father and baby

The Persistent Gut Microbiota in Infancy and it’s Origin Scientifically reviewed by Dr Fathalla Ali, PhD (Paediatrics) 29/11/2021 During and after birth, the gut of a newborn baby is rapidly colonized with microbiota. This early gut colonization plays an important role in the baby’s immune system development. Factors such as premature birth, cesarean section delivery […]

The introduction to solid foods and gut microbiota stability

The first 1-3 years of life is an important period for the development of our gut microbiota. During this critical time, gut microbiota development progresses from it being a relatively simple microbial community that is less rich and diverse, to a one that is high in richness and diversity.

Breast Feeding and The Hot Topic Of Immunity

Is there a hotter topic than immunity in these Covid-19 times? As the global scientific community focuses on developing vaccines that confer immunity, we’ve become familiar with the concept of a compromised or ‘weakened’ immune systems.

Nutritional recommendations for the perinatal period and influence on infant gut microbiota development

Nutritional Recommendations for the Perinatal Period and Influence on Infant Gut Microbiota Development Written by Dr Fathalla Ali, PHD Paediatrics 9/9/2020​ Purpose of the reviewed article: Highlight the nutritional recommendations for perinatal period (perinatal period starts at 22 completed weeks of gestation and ends 7 completed days after birth) The influence of maternal microbiome and […]