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The Gut Chronicles: the story behind your bub's microbiome


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The learning curve when we become parents is steep…super steep. Breastfeeding techniques, ideal nap times, safest car seats, how to hold them when you bathe them…To ‘dummy’, or not to ‘dummy’? Should we co-sleep? Is sleep training the only way? 
The list of ‘things to learn about’ is endless.

We ask the experts, we Google, and we talk with our friends…We study our baby’s behaviours, sleeping patterns and physical movements, and learn all about the developmental leaps they go through each month.

However, there’s one topic that often gets overlooked in all of this “busy-ness”: The development of your baby’s gut microbiome!

In this newsletter, you can:

  • Read an article written by nutritionist Clare Carrick, outlining the different phases of infant gut development and what may impact this.
  • Read a summary written by Dr Fathalla Ali of a large study analysing and comparing the gut microbiome of 903 children and the factors that have influenced the microbiome composition and development.
  • Watch a short video explaining the factors which may affect the microbiome of babies and toddlers after they hit that 6 month milestone.

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