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The topic of microbiome health and fertility is growing in popularity and importance, as we delve deeper into exactly what it means for reproduction and how we might be able to make this relatively new information work in our favour…

Let’s look at some of the points from a 2023 scientific review on the topic of how the microbiome can impact your fertility…

  • Previous studies focusing on mothers and babies during the perinatal period have shown frequent microbial interactions and transmission across various body sites, indicating the importance of microbial homeostasis, particularly in the gut and reproductive tract, for the health of both mothers and infants during this critical time window.
  • Emerging studies suggest that the depletion of certain bacteria in early life may lead to significant health issues in childhood.
  • Some studies have suggested the existence of microbiome–gut–vagina axis, leading to the intervention using probiotics to rehabilitate gut microbiota homeostasis and thereby improve reproductive health.
  • An unhealthy lifestyle during pregnancy disturbs the maternal microbiome, which is associated with poor maternal conditions and leads to the occurrence of pregnancy complications, further influencing the development of infants. 
  • Recent studies have associated the microbiome in the female reproductive tract (FRT) with assisted reproductive technology (ART) outcomes, and restoring microbiome balance has been shown to improve fertility in infertile couples.


Overall, this review really highlights the importance of developing healthy habits before and during pregnancy as this is associated with a more well-balanced microbiome, and a higher chance of positive pregnancy outcomes.

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Reference: Xiao L, Zuo Z, Zhao F. Microbiome in Female Reproductive Health: Implications for Fertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics. 2023 Dec 13:qzad005.

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