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Our mission at MothersBabies is to empower parents, and parents-to-be, with everything they need to know about the life-altering impact their gut health has on their fertility, pregnancy, and the future health of their baby. 

Our Experts 
Our online course, ‘Healthy Gut, Healthier Baby’, shares this crucial knowledge alongside the advice and wisdom of some of Australia’s leading health experts and microbiome researchers, including obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Dani Susic, midwife Professor Hannah Dahlen, GP Dr Kirsten Palmer, research fellow and senior lecturer Dr Steven Leach, and fertility nutritionist Brittany Darling. 

What’s in this course?
We know that 20-40 year old women are busy, so we have made this online course self-paced, with a range of different video interviews and discussions from our health experts to work through in each module. There are also articles written by me (nutritionist Clare Carrick) outlining the latest scientific evidence for the importance of your microbiome in fertility, pregnancy and baby health. Topics covered include, fertility and the microbiome, male infertility, the best diet for gut health, the impact of birth mode, how to reduce the risk of allergic disease, and gut health for family life…plus so much more!

You Need This Information
The information we share in our online course, ‘Healthy Gut, Healthier Baby’ has the potential to change the trajectory of your life. Although the importance of a healthy gut microbiome for fertility success (naturally and with ART), healthy pregnancies, birth, and the health of your future baby is clear in the science, this information is often overlooked and undervalued in our often rushed healthcare system. 

We recognise that, for many women who experience infertility, it is possible to go through months, or even years, of fertility treatments, with no mention of the fact that their gut health could be the missing link. We here at MothersBabies believe this is unacceptable, and we are on a mission to make this information common knowledge and more accessible to every person who is thinking of having a baby.

For all of these reasons, we have decided to extend our amazing offer.

If you enter the code ‘SPRING SPECIAL’ at checkout of our online course ‘Healthy Gut, Healthier Baby’, you will gain access to all 10 modules completely free of charge!!


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The information in this newsletter is provided for general educational purposes only.

Statements or opinions expressed in the newsletter should not be taken as fact, but as opinion on the current state of evidence based science. The content is not (and should not be taken to be) medical advice or an endorsement or recommendation of any specific product or treatment. 

If you require medical attention please seek professional advice from an appropriately experienced health practitioner.


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