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The future of our health starts in the gut

Emerging evidence reveals that the gut plays a crucial role in many common and serious health conditions. There is an inextricable link between the diversity and balance of our gut bacteria and our susceptibility to disease – yet the nuances and specifics of how this relationship works remain largely unknown.

The MothersBabies Study aims to change that. A bold initiative with promising implications, the Study will harness the emerging science of the ‘microbiome’ (the complex and dynamic ecosystem of gut microorganisms and its genetic material), exploring its link to immune and brain function.

There is a crucial relationship between the microbiome and the health of mothers and their babies.

There is not much that is more important than giving a baby the best chance of healthy life

Our goal is to demonstrate that the biology of a mother’s gut bugs (microbiota) either pre-pregnancy or during pregnancy – or both, contains critical preconditions for both the mother and her baby’s health and if this microbiota is perturbed this leads to illnesses associated with pregnancy and therefore subsequent illness in the child, as well as some common life-long, chronic and debilitating physical and mental illnesses in mothers, babies and children.

Mothers & Babies Microbiome Study

The emerging science about the microbiome – or gut health, is showing that the microbiome and its interaction with both our DNA and our environment, plays a crucial role in the creation of health or disease in humans. Some simple statistics demonstrate the magnitude of the problem:

Children that have food allergies0%

Babies born premature0%

Children that are considered obese0%

Children that will develop asthma0%

Children wth ADHD (2011)0%

Understanding Microbial Imbalance

The MothersBabies Study is harnessing the science of the microbes in our gut, the human microbiome, and its link to how our body and our immune system function to prevent and reduce complications and diseases for pregnant women and their babies

So how do we fit in?

The MothersBabies Study will examine the link between the state of the microbiome that a baby acquires from its mother and the potential for diseases to arise and aims to discover an appropriate intervention to optimise the microbiome of mothers, so as to prevent adverse health outcomes during pregnancy and improve the health of their babies. Our key aims are:


Identify the specific microbiome signatures that can lead to certain favourable and unfavourable health health outcomes in mothers and babies.


To determine if interventions can be made to alter a mother’s microbiome to prevent adverse health outcomes.


Recognise which intervention can restore the microbiome to a normal state and improve healthy outcomes for mothers and babies.

Together, we can make a powerful contribution

Become a donor and help mothers and families give the most precious gift to their babies and children – an immune system that can fight disease because of optimal gut health

Our Partners

The MothersBabies Study is a collaborative effort
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