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The Proven Probiotic Strain that reduces Baby Allergies


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“Back in my day, no-one was allergic to anything!”
(Granny, aged 93). 

Spoiler alert: Your Granny is (almost) right!

Allergies are on the rise, with an estimated 30% of the population now suffering from some form of allergic disease, a label that includes eczema, asthma, food allergy, allergic rhinitis. 
There are numerous theories as to why this increased prevalence might be occurring…our increased ‘sterile’ environments, c-sections, ultra-processed food intake, and use of antibiotics are just a few of the most popular hypotheses…but is there anything that we can do about it?
Funnily enough, our gut might play more of a role than previously thought, and aiming to nurture this ‘super organ’ might be the key to creating strong immune systems and reducing allergic disease in our babies.


One particularly beneficial strain of bacteria, Bifidobacterium, is found at higher levels in the guts of healthy babies compared to allergic babies. Researchers have examined whether supplementing mums during pregnancy, and babies after birth might help to reduce the risk of developing allergic disease, with some promising results!


In this newsletter you can:

  • Read an article by nutritionist Clare Carrick, where she discusses the rise of atopic conditions and the role of Bifidobactrium in reducing the risk of developing allergies.
  • Read a scientific review by Dr Fathalla Ali, where he outlines a fascinating study into Bifidobacterium supplementation and atopic markers in babies at 4, 10 and 18 months.
  • Watch Dr Steven Leach discuss the benefits of good gut bacteria in this short video.

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