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The moment when you give your baby solid food for the first time is also the moment that the composition of their gut microbiome experiences one of its largest and most rapid changes…

This moment is also when their microbiome starts to resemble that of an adult…

Diet has the biggest impact on the changing composition of the gut microbiome, and, for this reason, it is good to understand the types of foods that might help to build a resilient and diverse microbiome.

A harmonious and balanced gut population will help to provide an optimal level of health to your bub, whilst a disgruntled and imbalanced population can cause health issues, both immediately, or in the future. Some problems that may arise from a disturbed gut microbiome include allergies, asthma, obesity, IBD, and even neurological issues.  

To learn more about the dietary patterns that will support the health of your bub’s gut microbiome in these early days, and to gain access to advice from some of Australia’s leading healthcare professionals, including nutritionists, midwives, GPs, microbiome researchers, and obstetricians, sign up to our online course ‘Healthy Gut, Healthier Baby’.

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