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What NOT to do when introducing solids...


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Are you someone who can’t wait to introduce solids to your baby?

Giving your baby ‘real food’ for the first time can feel really exciting…You get to watch a major life experience unfolding before your eyes…the facial expressions, the joy…the mess…

Introducing solids also represents an opportunity to set them off on a path towards enjoying nutritious, gut-healthy food for life…

But it’s not always an easy task! Food rejections, choking hazards, and more food on the floor than in the mouth can lead to major frustrations…

With this in mind, here are some things to consider to help you through this time.

3 things NOT to do when introducing solids to your baby…

  1. Don’t assume a scrunched up face or spat out food means your baby won’t ever eat that particular food. It can take many exposures (up to 20!) for your baby to accept a new food!


  1. Don’t force your child to eat anything they don’t want to!! You get to decide what to serve…They get to decide what/how much to eat.


  1. Don’t make mealtime a stressful chore. Try to think ‘bigger picture’…You are setting up healthy mealtime routines for life…

If you would like more information on introducing solids to your bub, or why this period is so important for their gut health and immune development, we are here to help.

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Let us know what you think too…we love feedback!


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