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5 Responses to This Nosy Question


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Family Christmas gatherings seem to be a breeding ground for nosy relative’s questions… and it’s not unusual for these questions to move verrrrry quickly from “When are you getting married?” to “When are you guys going to have babies?” …So quickly, in fact, that it can sometimes happen from the day after your wedding!

This question is bad enough even when you’re not already trying for babies…It’s really none of their business! However, if you’re someone who is desperate for a baby and a) it’s taking a bit longer than expected, b) you’re going through IVF and don’t want it publicised, or c) you’re partner is not quite on-board with the whole thing yet, these questions can really touch on a sore point.

So we’ve compiled 5 responses to the dreaded “When are you having babies?” question for you to try…

THE HONEST – “We do want kids, but …’so far it just hasn’t happened’/‘we’re not ready quite yet’ 
This one may open you up to a whole host of ‘advice’ or opinions, so get ready for it, but sometimes being honest can be the best option for you!

THE BLUNT – “When I stop having miscarriages”
Nothing like a bit of brutal honesty to make people realise they probably need to be more cautious with their questions!

THE SARCASTIC – “When we get sick of having all this money and freedom”
Part humour, part sarcasm… divert attention from prying rellies by demonstrating your gratitude for certain parts of your child-free existence. 

THE SQUIRMER – “Here’s my fertility clinician’s direct number… Feel free to call her and ask about why we haven’t had a baby yet”
This comeback is probably not for everyone, but it will certainly make the nosy person feel uncomfortable for being a busybody.

THE HUMOROUS – “We’re practicing until we’ve got it perfect”
Make your busybody Nanna squirm with the discomfort of realising how personal it is to ask people about their baby-making plans…

We hope these help arm you with some quick and easy responses so you can head into this silly season prepped for the nosy questions… Would you use any of these? What’s your usual response when people ask you this question? Hit reply and let us know how you cope with these personal questions!

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