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Which Diet is Best For Your Gut Health?


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Should you be cutting out gluten for your gut health?
(Not necessary…unless allergic/intolerant)

Have you been told that dairy is inflammatory, or *bad* for your gut? 
(Hint: It’s not…unless you’re intolerant)..

Are FODMAPs causing your gut health to take a dive? 
(You might need some professional help, but it doesn’t mean FODMAPs are *bad*!)

Do we need to avoid refined sugar like the plague? 
(In small amounts, a bit of sugar occasionally is not going to destroy your gut health!)

Are you confused by what to eat to support a healthy gut? 

It’s no wonder!!

The cacophony of misinformation online is deafening!!


So, what does our gut actually need?? Are all these special packaged foods in the health food aisle with their bold ‘gut health’ claims actually going to ‘heal your gut’?? (Spoiler alert: no one food will heal your gut…)

Like with so many things in life, it’s a little bit complicated… If you have pre-existing gut problems, like IBS or IBD, it’s definitely worth speaking to a dietitian/nutritionist to get individualised advice… For the rest of the population looking to improve their gut health a bit to enjoy the benefits of more energy, better moods, higher fertility rates and better immune systems, there is one dietary pattern that has been identified as a particularly ‘gut healthy’ way of eating…


The Mediterranean Diet 
I’m not keen on putting labels on diets because it sounds like you have to ‘follow some rules’…but, if this one’s a bit different…it’s the Mediterranean Diet…

The Mediterranean Diet has come out fairly consistently on top in multiple studies on gut health so it’s an excellent eating pattern to get inspiration from. 


There are many, many reasons why the Med Diet is such a winner… Firstly, it’s plant-predominant! No, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat any meat, but, if your meals are primarily plants, you’ve ticked the first box.

Secondly, it’s low on added sugars and saturated fats and focuses mainly on whole foods (not the overly processed s!&t that makes up so much of the standard western diet these days.)

Thirdly, it’s not too restrictive…It’s not your typical ‘diet’ that makes you feel like you’re missing out on so much that you want to stop eating that way after 8 weeks and go back to your usual habits! It’s a dietary pattern and a lifestyle… It’s meant to be forever…and that shouldn’t sound scary because it’s actually all about flavour, enjoying your food and feeling your best!

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Statements or opinions expressed in the newsletter should not be taken as fact, but as opinion on the current state of evidence based science. The content is not (and should not be taken to be) medical advice or an endorsement or recommendation of any specific product or treatment. 

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