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Our mission at MothersBabies has always been to empower you, the mothers and mothers-to-be, with everything you need to know about the life-altering impact your gut health has on your fertility, pregnancy, and the future health of your baby.

We are constantly trying to find ways that we can reach our audience in new, accessible, and affordable ways so that you can benefit from this potentially game-changing knowledge…and this is why we have created our online course.

Our course includes interviews and advice from some of Australia’s leading healthcare experts, including obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Dani Susic, midwife Professor Hannah Dahlen, GP Dr Kirsten Palmer, research fellow and senior lecturer Dr Steven Leach, and fertility nutritionist Brittany Darling. Discover the latest on fertility, baby health, and the microbiome by accessing our videos in each module.

We are passionate about public healthcare, and want our information to be as accessible to as many people as possible. For just a fraction of the cost of seeing each of our healthcare experts individually, you can learn from their extensive experience and knowledge in our online modules.

If you are not quite ready to purchase our course, have any questions, or simply want to enjoy our free content, make sure you join our Facebook Group ‘MothersBabies: Healthy Gut, Healthier Baby’, and follow us on instagram @mothersbabies_.

And, as always, we love feedback… Send us an email (just hit reply to this email) or an instagram DM, and let us know what you think about our work…

What could we do better? What do you need more of? Which topics you want to hear more about?

We’re here for you.

Optimise your family’s gut health with the MothersBabies online course ‘Healthy Gut, Healthier Baby’.

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The information in this newsletter is provided for general educational purposes only.

Statements or opinions expressed in the newsletter should not be taken as fact, but as opinion on the current state of evidence based science. The content is not (and should not be taken to be) medical advice or an endorsement or recommendation of any specific product or treatment. 

If you require medical attention please seek professional advice from an appropriately experienced health practitioner.


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