Findings from the American Gut Project

Findings from the American Gut Project Written by Dr Fathalla Ali, PhD Paediatrics 06/12/2021 The first major data of the human microbiome was generated from the American Gut project (AGP). The project included microbial data from 15,096 samples that were collected from 11,336 participants, primarily resident in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and other […]

Introducing solids, gut health and immunity

Introducing solids, Gut health and Immunity Scientifically reviewed by Dr Fathalla Ali, PhD (Paediatrics) 22/11/2021 Your baby’s immune system development in the first three years of life is strongly linked to your baby’s gut health and gut bugs (developing gut microbiota). Your baby’s gut bugs develop over these three years from a relatively simple gut […]

Breast Feeding and The Hot Topic Of Immunity

Is there a hotter topic than immunity in these Covid-19 times? As the global scientific community focuses on developing vaccines that confer immunity, we’ve become familiar with the concept of a compromised or ‘weakened’ immune systems.

The skin your baby’s in

Eczema, also known as Atopic Dermatitis (AD) has been on the rise in industrialised countries over the last few decades, such that now 20% of babies will have Eczema by the time they reach six months.